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In April 1998, Debra Puglisi Sharp--wife, nurse, and mother of teenage twins--was tending the roses in her garden when a factory worker with a cocaine habit slipped in through an open door and waited for her to come in. Nino, her husband of twenty-five years, got in the way and was shot. The man then attacked and raped Debra, placed her in the trunk of his car, and drove away. Kept hog-tied in her abductor's house, Debra finally learned of her husband's murder from a newscast on a radio that the man blared to muffle her screams while he was out. After five excruciating days, Debra's mounting rage at her captor--and the wrenching thought of her children burying their father alone--gave her the courage and strength she desperately needed. She loosened her ties, groped her way to the phone...and dialed 911.

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