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"....I worked at a memorial park and one of the passage in the book reminded me of things we saw happen there. You talked of going to the cemetery and not just sitting but lying on Nino's grave. This was not unusual there, in the event of a loss of a young loved one by a tragedy".

--Keep the faith, Nancy Russell


Comments From Delaware State Police Conference


Ms Puglisi-Sharp's speech/presentation makes me want to be a more agressive officer to prevent this from ever happening again.

Very powerful presentation. I praise her for her courage to speak. God bless her and her family.  
God bless her. Very strong woman. Very insightful.  
Remarkable woman. Great perspective from victim's standpoint. True survivor's inspiration. Excellent. It was very valuable to hear from a victim of such a violent crime. It reminds of us why we do this job.  
Thank you for sharing a personal viewpoint. I believe you provided a valuable piece of the puzzle to law enforcement and reminded us that we work for victims and their families.  
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