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911 CALL

CASE NO. 32-98-040471


ADDRESS: 2 Arizona State Drive, Newark

DATE: April 24, 1998

TIME: 2300 hours





P: Please help me.

C: What do you need?

P: I was kidnapped. It’s Debbie Puglisi.

C: Where are you?

P: I don’t know the address. I’m in his home and he went to work.

C: You’re in the home?

P: Can you trace the call?

C: Okay, let me get this straight. You are in a home where he put you at? Ma’am?

P: What?

C: You are in the home where he put you at?

P: Yes.

C: Is that where you’re calling from?

P: Yes. Please get me before he comes back. Please.

C: What’s your name?

P: Debbie Puglisi. P-U-G-L-I-S-I. Please.

C: Okay, don’t hang up, okay?

P: Please help me.

C: Don’t hang up. Don’t hang up ma’am. Don’t hang up.

P: Please.

C: Are you there?

P: Yes.

C: Okay. Stay on the line.

P: Please.

C: Stay on the line, please.
(transferring call)

C: #438

P: Please.

C: What’s going on there ma’am?

P: Please help me. It’s Debbie Puglisi.

C: Okay, what’s the problem, ma’am?

P: This man kidnapped. Killed my husband.

C: Where are you now?

P: I’m in his home. All I can tell you is, it seems like it’s somewhere in the Bear area.
Please come get me.

C: You have no idea – where is this guy now?

P: Um – let me look out. I don’t have my glasses. I can’t see any….I’ve got handcuffs on my arm and my feet. Oh God! Oh God!

C: Stay on the phone ma’am until the officer gets there. Do you know what phone you’re
on now?

P: I’m on a – I’m on a compact phone.

C: Is there a phone number on it?

P: Um let me see – it’s dark in here. Hold on. Um hold on – let me see if I can find the light. My hands are tied behind my back. Oh! Oh God! Let me see if I can…….Oh God!

C: Okay this guy you say kidnapped you – where is he now?

P: Please come.

C: Okay – they’re on the way, but where is he now?

P: Please.

C: Hello.

P: Are you there?

C: Yes. Where is the man now?

P: He’s at work, I think. But he might come back.

C: So you’re there – you’re there alone now?

P: Yeah, but he might get here before you. Please.

C: They’re on the way ma’am. Just stay on the phone with me until they get there. How long have you been here – do you know?

P: Since Monday night. He killed my husband.

C: Do you know who this guy is?

P: Help me.

C: Do you know who this guy is?

P: No. I don’t know him. Help me please. Please help me.

C: Okay, they’re on the way ma’am. Just stay calm until the officer gets there.

P: How long will it take them?

C: They’re almost – just a few minutes ma’am. You say you’re handcuffed now?

P: I have handcuffs on my hands and on my feet. Oh Lord Have Mercy. Oh My God!

C: Okay. Just sit tight until that officer gets there.

P: I want my children, I want my children (crying).

C: Do you have any idea who this guy is? You say he’s at work now?

P: He said he had to go to work. And I took a chance. He had a tie cord from my handcuffs to my feet and I worked and I worked and I got the knot undone and I sit up and I got to the phone cause I knew where he kept it.

C: Okay. You have no idea who this guy was at all?

P: No. His first name I think is Don, but I don’t know his last name. Are they almost here?

C: Yeah – they’re on the way. They should be there in just a couple of minutes.

P: Somebody’s here. I hear somebody’s voice. Ohhhhh. I didn’t even know he was dead until the next day.

C: Did they guys tell you anything at all about why or what’s going on?

P: He said he saw me in the yard and he wanted me. He waited in my house for me and then my husband came in and he shot him. There’s a light. I hope it’s not him.

C: Okay – it’s probably one of the officers – just………

P: Oh Jesus.

C: Do you see a car or anything outside?

P: I saw a light, but I don’t have my glasses on – I’m so blind. I’m scared to open the door.

C: Okay – we should have an officer pulling up outside now, so if you hear something that’ll be one of the officers.

P: You promise?

C: Yes ma’am.

P: Oh Please.

C: Just stay calm now.

P: Help me.

C: Just stay calm. He knows you’re there.

P: How come he won’t break the door down? Can I go up……

C: Can you hear him outside?

P: I heard….. somebody knocked on the door.

C: Can you get to the door?

P: Let me see if I can open the door. (beep-beep) Are you there?

C: Yes. Go ahead.

P: Okay, I have to get off the phone. Hold on.

C: Okay. Can you get to the door?

P: (in the distance) Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Oh God – he’s the one that killed my husband.

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